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Whether you are buying your first home, or your third, rest assured that your mortgage needs are in good hands. We have a portfolio of lenders that will meet your mortgage needs, and we walk you through every step of the way ensuring you get the very best offer available. Lots of happy clients attest to this!

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Services that are offered by Mortgage Brokers

Most people hear the term mortgage and immediately think about owning their own home, especially their first home. But the mortgage industry is much more than that. There are several other mortgage products and services that a mortgage broker can help you with. We'll be able to access mortgage products and services such as;

Why you need a mortgage broker

There is always an argument that you can manage your own mortgage application. Here's why you shouldn't.

Your mortgage broker can help you set up whatever form of mortgage you need, all the while making sure you are presented with the best rates. Everything from owning a house for the first time, to getting a piece of real estate, securing private or commercial mortgages at the best rates, and refinancing and renewing mortgage payments is on offer here. It doesn’t really matter if it’s your first mortgage or the mortgage for a holiday property, you will be well taken care of and your best interests will always be at the forefront during the negotiation.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider getting a broker to help you handle your mortgage concerns;

There is a wide range of mortgage options and packages available to any prospective client. So, making the right choice in line with what you want is your broker’s main objective. The broker then harnesses their knowledge and relationships with mortgage lenders to negotiate the best rate for you and/or your business. They put the client front and center.

Another incentive is that there is a wide array of reputable and accredited lenders available to these brokers. They know traditional and alternative lending institutions that have strict requirements and guidelines, as well as those that are more relaxed and help you get that home or property you want.

These mortgage specialists take care of the negotiations with the lending institutions and banks. What that means is that you’ll be putting your best foot forward because you have qualified experts in charge of your business discussions with the lender. While the negotiations are ongoing, you are also confident that they are always looking out for your best interests.

Your mortgage broker guides you by offering you unbiased advice about which lender is right for you based on your financial circumstances and mortgage needs. Since they don’t work for any lender, they are loyal to you and have only your best interest at heart. Hence, you can be sure their counsel about what mortgage product you should choose would be without prejudice. What’s more, your mortgage specialist takes the time to educate you on any and all gray areas or concerns you may have about whichever mortgage product you want.

Yes, you read that right! For virtually all the mortgage products available, you won’t need to pay your broker for the consultation, negotiations, and other services they will provide. At least not until you have made the choice of the lending institution or bank you want to go with. The mortgage broker’s payment then comes from the lender after you have made the initial payment for the mortgage. What that means is you can properly assess what’s best for you before you take the dive.

If this is your first time getting a mortgage, you’ll find that the “service at no cost” is particularly great because you can take your time to consider the rate that works for you before you become a long-term client.   

The journey doesn’t end after you’ve gotten that home of your dreams or mortgage you desire. Rather, it is just the beginning. Your mortgage broker stays in touch and continues to keep you abreast of events in the mortgage industry. They keep educating you about trends, new concepts, and everything there is to know that will help you make informed decisions about your mortgage. In addition to a face-to-face chat when necessary, they easily connect with you via social media channels so you keep having the best experience.

How the process works.

The process from to getting your mortgage application approved can be accomplished with these four following steps:

Reach out

From the comfort of your home, you can contact a broker either via their website or phone. Brokers are available to handle queries and concerns of new and existing clients. If you're looking for a reliable mortgage professional, we are top of the list of the best mortgage brokers BC has to offer.

Share your goals

Provide all the information about what you want, what your financing options are, as well as other relevant information. These will help the broker collate the best available mortgage options that will be suitable for you.

Decide on what option is best

Based on the expert advice and rate given to you by your broker, choose the alternative that you feel is the best of all and works for you.

Get the mortgage approval

Your desire, the broker's advice, and your choice will culminate in the successful approval of your mortgage application.

Yes. There’s the last step – MOVE IN!

Whether it's your first home or another property in your mortgages, you're finally there!


Owning your own home may seem like a long shot, but it isn’t. Despite the fact that the whole idea of a mortgage sends chills down the chill of many, all you need is the right mortgage broker to guide you through the process and you’ll see that your dream is not out of reach. That’s where Highline Mortgage come in! You’ll end up with the best of everything – lending institution, interest rate, payment plan, dream home, etc.

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